United Colors of Benetton Dreams Aim High Perfume for Men

Hello gentlemen,

Today we have brought you a very elegant perfume from the house of United Color Of Benetton Dreams Aim High for men.

The United Colors of Benetton comes out to be one of the best clothing collections for women, men and children offer a style universally recognized as encompassing design, taste, a sense of beauty, which reflect the Italian style of the brand at an affordable price with amazing quality.

They didn’t stop there, they stepped into the fragrance world and launched men’s and women’s perfume that you can’t resist.

United Colors of Benetton Dreams Aim High Perfume for Men

This will be a very honest quick review about its fragrance, amount(ml), staying power, public reviews, price, value for money or not.

So, let’s get started.

1️⃣ What do they claim?

Be inspired by your ability to dream. Because everything we know today was once a dream. United Dreams by Benetton. Choose your own path and set no limits. Embrace your dreams and reach for the sky. There are no limits if you Aim High, with Benetton’s sensual men’s fragrance that combines wood and amber notes.

2️⃣ What size does it come in?

This fragrance is available as 30 ml, 60ml & 100ml Eau de Toilette(lighter). In a thick transparent glass bottle with a stiff silver cap.

3️⃣ How about its fragrance?

Talking about aroma it hints of bitter orange, grapefruit and lemon combine with aromatic mint.

  • Top Notes: Bigrade, Grapefruit, Lemon
  • Heart Notes: Mint, Sage, Nutmeg
  • Base Notes: Patchouli, Vetiver, Moss, Amber

The fragrance is quite refreshing and slightly dark-aquatic not very overpowering nor is it faint on the same hand, it’s optimum with a pleasant odour.

So, if you like perfume with a light refreshing and amber smell you should definitely check this out. You will love the scent mixture.

Note: You can confirm the ingredients from the official website here.

4️⃣ Tell me it’s Staying Power?

To be honest, I won’t over-exaggerate it but this perfume will last up to 6-8 hr easily on my skin even after it’s time validity there will be very mild aroma stays with you for more than 5hr.

So, hey you will get about more than 12 hr of stays.

5️⃣ Where to spray?

Fragrance play’s vital role in how other people perceive and remember you. So, you want your cologne to increase your attractiveness & boost your confidence.

So, to take maximum benefit of your perfume, pulse point or the warm area of your body must be your target that includes :

  • Neck
  • Chest
  • Shoulder
  • Wrist
  • Inner elbow

These points will require less spray(2-4 squirts are ideal).

Neck & Wrist is the best combination.

Note: Armpit is also a warm area but is not ideal for the perfume.

6️⃣ Is it pocket-friendly?

Well for perfume section you can’t compare it with deodorant with 150 INR to 300 INR its perfume guys you have to spend some penny for it. Talking about United Colors of Benetton Dreams Aim High Perfume original price is 1900 INR but hey discount is always a saviour isn’t it. There are a bunch of shopping site where you can get this cologne at a good price up to 25% -35% off (1225 INR – 1425 INR).

United Colors of Benetton Dreams Aim High Perfume for Men

Note: Be aware while purchasing the perfume as it’s authenticity can be compromised only purchases with an authentic site with the seller having a good rating.

7️⃣ Rating – Tell me Truth only

It would be biased if I alone give it a rating it may be incorrect so I will provide you with an average rating from all the different people that have purchased this perfume from the different site over time out of 5.

So, it will become easy for you to decide.

Here is the chart for you.

United Colors of Benetton Dreams Aim High Perfume for Men - rating

8️⃣ Value for Money or Not?

So, seeing the price range, staying power, aroma, more than 10k users rating & my personal experience we totally give it a thumbs up. It is totally value for money, you should give it a try once at least.

For any more query comment down below we ‘ll response you for sure.

🔰 Tips By The Elegant Style

  1. Always purchase from a trustworthy place if you are purchasing offline.
  2. Don’t spray too much or it will make you & others uncomfortable.
  3. Never spray on cloths.
  4. Before purchasing on the original price always check for any discount offer going on.

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