The Ultimate Solution for the Patchy Beard

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From William Shakespeare to David Beckham beard style has never gone out of fashion. We are in the midst of the beard resurrection the revival of full beard from corporate people & businessmen all the way to the barman to baristas.

The Ultimate Solution for the Patchy Beard

Everyone appears to grow a full beard. It’s a revolution which is great for the people who are able to grow a thick full dense coverage macho beard but for many of them growing a thick luscious beard is a like a fairy tale coming to live.

Here we will try to answer you & provide you with a genuine solution for it that has worked for many people but keep in mind no single entity or product can guarantee for your beard this is a fact. It depends on many factors(will discuss) but giving a try is a must. So, don’t lose hope.

Don’t worry at The Elegant Style – we got an “Ultimate Solution for the Patchy Beard

The Ultimate Solution for the Patchy Beard: Your solution is here check it out

So, let’s kick off with some of the most asked question and their solutions.

Q1. What is Patchy Beard?

Defining in a single line a “spot at your beard region where you aren’t able to grow bread“. It seems like you may be stuck at that spot and trying to grow a beard to remove uneven patchiness.

Q2. Is your Beard Really Patchy?

Well, that’s a good question before trying out don’t just go on assuming firstly check is your beard is really patchy or not.

Is your Beard Really Patchy?
Is it?

To do let it grow for the first month, that’s a sufficient time to know & for that window frame no trimming, no shaving at all. While it was seen in 40% cases that people get annoyed with starting phase of beard growth seeing it as patchiness & go off trimming them.

Once you are sure it is uneven then you can work upon it.

Q3. Hey Pal.. What may be the causes? Why me?

Why it’s me only?

One thing that often gets people down is over-thinking the causes of beard patchiness. And they assume why in the world it is happening to me. So, try to get a clear picture 5/10 people having the same issue. So congrats, you are not alone in the queue.

Lets jump over some major causes:-

1. Internal Factor:

  • Genetic Factors

Ya..Ya you must have heard we inherit from our parents. Yes, its quite true but vague image is there.

Genetic plays a very vital role in deciding your beard growth
Genetic Factors

Earlier it was believed that beard growth hormones come from mother family side only so if in your mother’s Father, Brother or any family member has a dense beard then is most likely that you will carry one. But recent discovery says that beard hormones can be passed from both sides. If still, you are not able to grow properly then were not nourished with good facial hair genetics.

Don’t fret we have some handfull advise where you can find some alternative solution.

  • Poor Circulation of Blood at Cheek

These can be one reason that you are able to grow moustache or goatee but having weaker blood circulation near cheek reduces the chances of beard growth.

patchy_beard blood_circulation_cheek

If there is no hair follicle then chances are very less that you will able to grow but if you have with some tips it will help strengthen the circulation.

  • Beard Growth Hormones Getting Low

One of the very crucial reason maybe your hormones balance has been disturbed. It basically responds on two hormones Testosterone & Hydrotestosterone.

testosterone_level beard growth

If the level of these hormones has been found low then is most likely that you will not be able to grow a dense beard. Some time your testosterone can be affected by the masturbation level at regular interval.

On the other side if you are high on these two hormones then you can see faster luscious growth and will also help in muscle building if you do work out.

Hormones balance can be maintained with some guidance will discuss.

2. External Factors:

  • Your Uneven Lifestyle + Stress: Lower the Hormones

Having a bad lifestyle i.e not sleeping at a regular interval, lack of physical exercise, not maintaining good hygiene, taking too much stress, less intake of water.

That directly affects your endocrine system(collection of Glands that produces Hormones) which in proportional disbalance your testosterone and dihydrotestosterone(DTH) level.

More on Lifestyle:– How to Start a Healthy Lifestyle

More on Water:– Benefit of Water

  • Ohhh.. Gosh, your Poor Nutrition.
India has a very diverse culture in fooding containing all the crucial elements in one form or another.

Poor nutrition isn’t only related to your health but also to your beard growth. Yes, you heard me right when I am talking about right nutrition I mean nutrition having all the essential vitamins, minerals, protein & omega-3

So, let’s check out what can be a possible solution.

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The Ultimate solution to fix Patchy Beard:

1. Patience is the key

Wait.. wait don’t just get mad at me. I know you already got irritated listening to this so many time but just do this last time in the name your beard/.

The Ultimate Solution for the Patchy Beard: Alwasy keep patience when you want to have something.

Give your beard a time to grow. How much? Aah.. however, I would say more than 2 months or so just to assure where the patches are coming and how much you have to work upon.

And in many cases just giving time to your beard to grow has already fixed the patchiness over time. How about giving a try?

2. Food that should be introduce

As I said earlier good nutrition is a key of most of the solution. Although there is no specific food present that can grow your beard bullshit off course. But we can add some nutritional product that can help and nourish the growth of facial hair.

So, as said you need essential vitamins, mineral, omega and food that boost your testosterone level are:

Vitamins you need:

  • Vitamin A, C, E
  • Vitamin B6, B12
  • Biotin (B7)


Citrus fruis(orange, lemon etc)
Sweet Potatos
Flaxseed oil
Chia Seed
Pomegranate Juice
Egg yolk

3. Hair Supplements that you can have

I know we mostly rely on some kind of supplements easy to get right i.e beard pills or any miracle growth oil. But no, I have to put you down here I am talking about essential amino acids, vitamins & some herbs that have shown a good result over time in enhancing the hormones related to beard growth is work as a catalyst speed your beard growth without causing any problem.

These are:

  • Basic Nutrients 2/Day (Recommended)
  • MuscleBlaze Vite Multivitamin (Alternative)
  • Himalaya Ashwagandha (For maintaining hormones)
  • Wow Omega-3 Fish Oil Capsules
  • Any beard Oil ( for nourishment eg – eXx Beard oil etc)
The Ultimate Solution for the Patchy Beard: oil

Note:– not promoting any brand

4. Bread Comb or Brushes

So, I was talking about the poor blood circulation at the cheek area which may be a reason for your patchiness.

Solution for patchy beard

So, what brush will do right? Well brushing your cheek will trigger a flow of blood at that specific reason and balances circulation of blood that will promote hair follicle to open & enhances the growth of thick beard.

5. Trim the Beard Evenly (Trick)

Trimming the beard evenly will hide your patchy spot if done in the right way.


Just trim the entire cheek down to jawline evenly and have a clean-cut 1 inch sharp below the jawline. As your jawline is having thick density hair which will create a visual effect of less patchiness.

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6. Excercise will be a ‘Cherry on the Top’

GentleMen, exercise is very important when we talk about lifestyle but hey how exercise is connected with your beard?

The Ultimate Solution for the Patchy Beard: excercise is very important for your testosterone level

Yes, it has a direct relation with your beard growth. When you hit the gym regularly you boost your muscle to grow and it helps in your testosterone to boost which is one of the growth hormones to build your beard.

7. Throwdown all your Stress

We all have one or other stress in life from the relationship, job, health issue, deadlines etc. All this stress comes on your mind and body and your body responds back by increasing the production of cortisol (a natural hormone) that decreases the level of testosterone(growth hormones).

Stress also resist the blood vessel, making it harder for nutrients to reach over there.

So try to have less stress.

8. Are you sleeping properly?

If not then start right after. I know no one like those morning siren alarms goes on everyday feeling irritated. And same your beards don’t like it as well.

Odd aah how beard got a feeling??… No no nothing like that, as many studies reported that bad sleeping hour had resulted in the decrement of testosterone level significantly.

And on the same hand, proper sleep had filled a report of regenerating these essential hormones automatically.

So going to hug your blanket will be the right choice for you for at least 8hr.

9. Never Put your Penny in Buying Beard Growth Product.

In the market of making their brand name, they have claimed so much that is even not making sense. The thing that only depends on genetics can’t be altered with some growth serum or growth capsules. This just doesn’t make any sense.

Most of the products don’t work as they have been claimed by these manufacturing companies.

I am not talking about any beard care product or bread oil they are worth forgiving nourishment to the beard.

It’s those-

  • Beard growth oil
  • Beard growth Serum
  • Beard Growth Shampoo

These products have never worked as they have been claimed.

10. Try Goatee Style

This is one of the easy and ways to look sharp & steady giving a virtual claim that you are having a beard.

Goatee style is one of the alternative for your patchy beard

Goatee Style will help you giving style to your beard according to the dense area your beard is growing only. With this, you can not only promote a goof facial structure but will be able to give a proper shape to your beard whichever suits you.

Adopted by many people, including actors too.

Q4. What about Minoxidil. Is it worth it?

Earlier Minoxidil was used for the high blood pressure and still it is in use. But after it has shown a significant result in hair growth why it can’t work down the line for beard also.

So, the active picture is when you use 3% minoxidil solution over your patchy area it stimulates the blood circulation in the hair follicles. Enhance the blood flow in the hair follicles which in terms promote the hair growth bypassing more hormones and nutrients to reach to the roots.

Well it not bad giving it a try, as it has shown some active result in past years of people using minoxidil to grow a beard. It’s a win-win situation no harm in it.

In conclusion, my our advise will be you can give it a try there are no harms in it there are 95% chances that it will help if you follow everything correctly from nutrition to supplements and you never know when it can point you to success right.

Transformation from patchy to full grown
Transformation – Image source

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