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How To Prevent Split Ends

Today we are going to talk about one of the major issues that we face in our daily life – SPLIT ENDS. All the dust, pollution … this sedentary lifestyle…. Regular styling of hairs… All this damages our hairs, which leads to split ends.

So, the question is how to prevent split ends, so that our hair stays healthy?

Here are a few tips and tricks that can be followed to prevent any damage and maintain the health of our hair, So let’s get started.

💠 Never Brush Wet Hair 💠

Wet hairs are more fragile than dry hair, and thus should be handled with care.

How To Prevent Split Ends:Never Brush Wet Hair

Try to not brush your hairs while they are still wet. But if still there is an urgency of doing that, opt for a wide-tooth comb to detangle your hairs and brush them.

💠 Start Brushing your hairs from the bottom instead of top 💠

Do you always brush your hairs starting from the top of your head and then move downwards?

How To Prevent Split Ends: Start Brushing your hairs from the bottom instead of top

If the answer is yes… Stop doing that.

Always start brushing your hairs from the end. Detangle your ends first and then move upwards. This will help you to easily detangle your hairs.

💠 Don’t rub your wet hair 💠

Rubbing your hairs roughly every time you wash your hairs, just to make them dry fast?

How To Prevent Split Ends: Don’t rub your wet hair

Well Well, this will not actually lead to split ends.. But will surely lead to more knots within your hairs. And these knots need extra brushing for detangling, which leads to the excessive pulling of hairs and congrats you have hair fall… Ouch…

So rubbing your wet hairs is not your cup of tea.

Instead, do let your hairs to dry naturally.

💠 Avoid heating tools 💠

Yes, we all love heating tools, whether it’s a straightener, curler or just a blow dryer. Because they help us in achieving our desired texture of hair on a daily basis easily.

But if you want your hairs to be healthy, and especially if you do want to avoid those split ends, these styling heating tools are a big no-no.

Try to reduce the need for these tools and avoid them as much as you can, as you look good in your natural hairs too.

Also, we suggest you use these tools at the lowest temperature possible.

💠 Use a heat protectant. 💠

Well if you are among those who can’t resist their heat styling tools. We will recommend you to opt for a good heat protectant.

How To Prevent Split Ends: Use a heat protectant.

The heat protectant will help you to protect your hairs from undesired heat and keep it healthy.

Never ever style your hair without a heat protectant because it will lead to more damage.

💠 Don’t rush your Iron 💠

We generally rush our iron on our hairs as we are always in a hurry. But it actually leads to more damage.

how to prevent split ends

Always keep it slow and steady.

Because when you are rushing, you tend to go over and over on the same spot, making more damage to that area.

And if you do it slowly, you will have to go with each section once or at most twice.

💠 Oiling is a must 💠

We have always heard that oiling is a must for our hair.

How To Prevent Split Ends: Oiling is a must

This is actually the best thing that you can do for your hairs. It will not only act as a mask for your hairs but will also help in nourishing your hairs deeply.

Massaging your hairs with oil once a week or at least once in 15 days is a must for everyone.

You can go with coconut oil, olive oil, or any oil of your choice.

One more thing to note down while oiling – Don’t keep the oil for too long as it can lead to sticking of dust to your hairs. So, if you have applied oil in night, wash it out the next morning.

💠 Go for a regular trim 💠

Regular Trim – Yes I know you want to grow your hairs long, but trimming is a must to get rid of those damaged ends.

If you have split ends, trust me nothing can remove them, and the only option to get rid of them is to get them trimmed.

Do let your hairstylist know that you are planning to grow your length and he/she needs to cut only the required amount.

Getting a trim every 3 months will not only keep the split ends away but will also keep your hairs healthy.

So that’s all for today, we hope that we might have helped you in some way. But wait for the last and our favourite thing is still left.

🔰Tips By The Elegant Style

  • Regularly oil and massage your hairs to keep them healthy.
  • Avoid heating tools as much as you can.
  • Heat protectant is a must if you are styling with heat.
  • Drink lots of water and eat healthy, as your health will affect the quality of your hair as well as your skin.
  • Do exercise regularly, or you can even find a few yoga poses with your head down that can help good circulation to your hair.

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