I don’t like angry zit(pimple) light upon my face. Do you? How does it feel when this pimple pop up specially on function, meeting and ruins your date night?

Hi guys,

So, today we are talking about most frequent question googled in 2019 i.e

  • What is the cause of acne?
  • How to Prevent acne?
  • Do’s & Don’t.
  • What to do when acne swell or pain?
  • Is it serious?

Don’t worry we have got you covered. We will guide you from start to end how to fight acne & making it run away from your life.


  1. What causes acne?
  2. Know your skin type.
  3. Do’s & Don’t
  4. Which product you should choose?
  5. What to do when its swell & pain?
  6. Know when to stop.

💠 What causes acne?

Starting with a simple definition acne cause when our pour present in the skin get clogged with the oil, dirt & dead skin cells.

These pores are connected with the oil glands that produce the oily substance called sebum. Excess of which causes growth of bacteria called acnes. It very from normal acne to a severe one, common symptoms are blackheads, whiteheads & pimples.

Around 85% of people all around the world suffer from it. You are not alone in the ocean swimming.

So, firstly let’s start with knowing your skin type which will ease your work?

💠 Identify your skin type:

Well, it is very easy to determine your skin type,

How To Combact Acne Men | Women
  • Just wash your face with mild facewash and lukewarm water.
  • Don’t apply any face cream
  • Wait for at least one hour.
Normal SkinOily SkinDry SkinCombination SkinSensitive Skin
No Itching Greasy Dryness T-zone oily Redness
No Dryness Shiny Itchy skin Cheeks are Dry Dryness
No Redness Oily

Everyone gets acne no matter what skin type you carry. Oily skin is most acne-prone followed by combination skin & sensitive skin. Normal skin, dry skin is slightly less acne-prone.

💠For Oily & Combination Skin:

1. Wash your face twice a day

These skin types are most prone to acne. So, for the first step, you have to make sure your skin is always clean and free from dirt and oil. To wash use any mild foaming facewash that will clean away your excess oil.

2. Exfoliate your face daily

How To Combact Acne Men | Women

Exfoliation is a process of removing the top layer of dead skin cell. You can do it by using any mild scrubber. It was believed to improve the acne by removing the skin cells that actually clog the pores.

3. Use water-based oil-free makeup

For people having oily skin should avoid using makeup having greasy, cocoa butter & cold cream present in it will worsen the acne alternatively should use lotion or sunscreen as a base for makeup which will not damage the skin.

4. Change your bedsheet at least once in two weeks.

That will sound bit odd but believe me it very important as that is the place where you rest your face. It should be dirt and oil-free.

5. Keep your face towel separate

How To Combact Acne Men | Women

We have a habit of using any cloaths to wipe our wet face. Strickly no it will a profit for your acne to grow. Always use a separate towel only for your face or use face wipe (recommended).

6. Use Non-Comedogenic Product

How To Combact Acne Men | Women

Use product that is specially made for your face and product is labelled as “Non – Comedogenic ” which means they don’t cause acne.

💠For Normal, Dry & Sensitive Skin:

1. Wash your face once in a day

Being on the less oily side give you an advantage but you have to take care of other things as well, you only have washed your face once in a day which can remove your dirt and oil without taking out your moisture. Don’t wash twice, do it if really necessary.

2. Use gentle cleanser

Choosing a facewash can really be a cumbersome task, try to choose a gentle facewash with less foaming as it will not take away essential oil in your face.

More about facewash: Best Herbal Facewash

3. Wear Sunscreen while exposing in the sun

When it comes to sun exposure sunscreen is your guardian angel. Never go out without wearing your sunscreen as it will dry your skin, redness and itchiness will occur.

More about sunscreen: Best Sunscreen This Summer

4. Stay hydrated


If you are dehydrated your oil glands will produce more oil and make you look dull. Not only your body but your skin need water to rejuvenate. It will make your skin moisturized.

To read more: Magical Importance of Water Revealed

5. Avoid Exfoliating

You must be thinking that exfoliating is good for skin why should I avoid well for these skin it will worsen the ance and chances it becomes a scar increases. You can do it on a weekly basis.

💠Strictly Don’t, For all skin type:

1. Don’t Pick or Pop…Ever!!!

How To Combact Acne Men | Women

As a tempting feeling comes from inside let’s squeeze this whitehead, blackhead on the tip of your nose mind you never do that. It may cause bleeding, infection or even scarring & chances that more pimple may grow.

2. Avoid Touching Your Face

Whenever your fingers meet your face it brings some gift with it in a form of dirt aItsnd oil it’s a hard habit to break but it’s important if you love your face more then acne.

3. Don’t try all the DIY you see

It’s always the case to try everything you see, you never know what might work on you but the reverse backfire can also occur & instead of providing you relieve it can get more chronic. So, before trying to have some R&D over it.

💠Which product you should choose?

  • For Oily skin: astringents, pads, foaming cleansers, gels, a & lotions
  • For Normal to dry skin: non-foaming cream cleansers, alcohol-free toners, lotions, creams & ointments

💠What to do when it swells & pain?

  • If it is paining like hell or has swelled up the cheapest medication is take an ice cube wrap in a piece of cloths & apply on the inflammation area.

💠Know when to stop:

  • It is a very bad habit of our we don’t give up when actually we should, we try different remedies & the conclusion we get at the final is that we have to visit the doctor. Why so? You have to understand when it’s limit immediately go-to a dermatologist.

🔰Tips from The Elegant Style

  1. Everyone gets pimple now and then don’t panic just follow these step.
  2. For Men, their skin is a bit hard they should choose gentle facewash
  3. Overall, be patient it will take time
  4. Don’t lose track of healthy food.

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