Flatten Your Belly Vacuum Exercise 3 week

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We hope you are safe and sound, seeing the pandemic(COVID-19) throughout the world I know we don’t have much to contribute from our end apart from listening to our government but again don’t forget every coin has two sides remember this is also one of time where you can work on your self especially when we aren’t doing any physical activity being at home.

Today we have brought you 21 days challenge (quarantine periods) where you can simply Flatten your belly with an easy technique that to be in just 3 weeks.


Yes, It’s not a joke you heard it right and that to be without any equipment and support with no prior knowledge in just 5 min.

So, its a very old technique used by old bodybuilders and the best part you don’t need to be a bodybuilder or and fitness freak with 6 pack abs, lean fit or bulky muscle body. It can be performed by anyone simply anyone.

💠 What is Stomach Vacuum Excercise?

It was widely used in the early days of bodybuilding with Arnold & Corey. Have you ever notice how slim, trim, hard, and defined the physiques were in the late 1970s and early 1980s. The stomach vacuum exercise is a great way to strengthen your abs, helping to improve your posture. You can do this exercise from almost any position, including standing, sitting, and kneeling.

💠 How to do a Vacuum?

So, it’s kind of easy firstly you need to warm up by doing 30-second Belly Breath:

  1. Put one hand at your belly just below your ribs.
  2. Take a deep breath in through your nose, and let your belly push your hand out.
  3. Breathe out through the lips.
  4. Repeat this till 30 seconds.

Now, to execute the Stomach Vacuum only 3 steps:

  • Stand upright or (pick any posture I mention below) and place your hands on your hips or sidewards, and exhale all the air out of your lungs, completely.
  • Expand your chest and hold it as long as you can.
  • Release it and repeat 1-3.

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💠 Can I Perform it?

Well, this exercise doesn’t discriminate between Male or Female anyone with any gender or age can perform this simple exercise in his daily routine without hitting the gym.

💠 Guide me the best time to do it.

This is strictly important that your stomach should be empty before doing this which is considered the best time for you abs to fully utilize the result of this technique.

Couple staying hydrated after workout

Why empty stomach? Have you ever took a run just after finger-licking lunch or dinner, would be heavy and difficult right because food hasn’t digested yet and the same goes with this or any other exercise corresponding to your abs.

That’s why the morning is considered the best time for the stomach vacuum.

💠 Does it need any Posture?

Yes, like any other exercise this one also has a posture but the good part is there is more than one posture for this and you can opt for any one as per your comfort.

Postures are:

1. Standing Posture- Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, making sure they’re both flat on the ground. Keep your back straight as you’re breathing in. Repeat


2. Sitting Down Posture- Sit up straight in your chair and place your hands beside your thighs. Relax your shoulders, keep them down. Begin breathing in slowly and exhaling all of the air in your lungs before sucking in your stomach and holding the position. Repeat


3. Lie down PosturePlace your back flat on the ground, bend your knees a little bit as well. Place your hands on either side of you and start the deep breathing to begin the exercise. Repeat


4. Reverse Lie down Posture-With your hands straight & your palms flat on the ground parallel to your shoulders. Your knees should be on the ground with a stiff back. Breathe deeply and suck in your stomach while holding this position. Repeat

💠 Will it be fine if I do Twice a day?

Yes, Again I would like you to say this exercise requires your stomach to be empty or having food will cause torsion in the stomach. So still, if you want to do two times a day just you have to remember one key point don’t have anything before 2 hr you can still eat banana or oats but no heavy food.

💠 Number of Reps should be enough for Beginners?

1st15310 sec
2nd15320 sec
3rd20330-35 sec

e.g. – For 1st week 1st set consist of 15 times inhale and exhale and each inhale you have to hold it for 10 seconds.

*Inhale & Exhale = 1 times

💠 Get the result in 21 days Guarantee.

It is always said to track your daily work like in-office why not applying it to your daily routine of exercise.

Just click your selfie on your day first and repeat the same in every end week of 7 days. And you will be surprised to see the result.
The only mantra of getting a result is you have to be consistent. If you fail to attain the consistency same hand you will lose your predicted result.

So, what say let’s start 21 days challenge write your comment and we promise you we will post it on our social media.

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