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Hello Guys;

Ever happened? Looking in the mirror & your reflection is saying something is not right. Next time, if this happens… don’t ignore it.

And Find a perfect Haircut for your Face shape to enhance your personality.

Yes, you heard it right. There is numerous face shape in the world, out of which you possess one of them. Trust me a strategic hairstyle is as important as a matching Shirt with your Pants.

But the problem we come up with when hitting the barbershop on weekends are:

  • Which hairstyle will suit me?
  • Can I copy my friend’s haircut?
  • Will this hairstyle even look good on me?
  • Should I keep it small or big?

And in all these dilemmas we gamble on our hairstylist to make us look great. But are you satisfied with the results? Let me make a clear picture “What might work for others, might not work for you” you need to understand that.

Your ultimate goal is to look great and your hairstyle plays 80% role in it. And this can be done by knowing your face shape and accordingly identifying the hairstyle for you.

So here we are, to help you identify your face shape and 3 hairstyle that goes with it, so you can choose among them and not get confused.

To know your face shape read till the last we have answered.

There are total 6 Face shape :

  1. Oval Face shape
  2. Square Face shape
  3. Round Face shape
  4. Rectangle Face shape
  5. Triangular face shape
  6. Diamond Face shape

Let’s check out which hairstyle will be a fine adjustment for you.

Always remember every face shape is unique & awesome.

To know your Face ShapeClick here

1. Oval Face Shape:

If you are gifted with an oval shape. Hurray!!! you have a very versatile and most experimental face. Most of the style will complement your face shape & will enhance your overall look.

What you should Do?

  • Try to keep a clean forehead with no fringes over it.
  • Have a bit of volume in your hair on top will do a job.
  • Side & back should be short(recommended).
  • Clean-shaven will be cherry on the top for you.

What you should Avoid?

  • There should be no fringes on the forehead(it will deepen your roundness structure only. Never-Ever do that).
  • Avoid heavy beard guys. Trim Now
  • No volume needs to be at the side.

Keep patience guys I know what you are waiting for.

Best 3 Hairstyle for Oval Shape:

  1. Classic cut Brushed Style
  2. Fade cut Pomp Style
  3. Fade cut Quiff Style

{ Short Back & Sides }

2. Square Face Shape:

When it comes to masculinity congrats squarish fellas you are the king. Having a strong and razor-sharp jawline that boost your manly look.

What you should Do?

  • You can go for both short & and long hairstyle.
  • The shorter you go more masculine it looks.
  • You can even ditch your beard.
  • The neat cut will give a finishing touch for you.

What you should Avoid?

  • Avoid precision defined hairline if the hair is receding.

Best 3 Hairstyle for Square Shape:

  1. Buzz Cut
  2. High Fade Cut Quiff Style
  3. Textured Side Part

{ Tight Back & Side }

3. Rectangle Face Shape:

Longest face shape out of all face shapes. It resides between oval & square shape. Having your forehead, jawline and cheek length almost equal.

What you should Do?

  • You need a well proportional style throughout.
  • There should be a volume on the side part(Important).
  • If you have curly hair, you are the best-suited Gentleman.😉

What you should Avoid?

  • Try to avoid too much side short
  • Never have too much length on the top(it will only lengthen your face shape which you don’t want)

Best 3 Hairstyle for Rectangle Shape:

  1. Side part Pushed up & Back
  2. Crew Cut Side Part Style
  3. Side Part Style Close to Head

{Volume side | Less top Lenght}

To know your Face ShapeClick here

4. Round Face Shape:

It is the most common face shape that can be found in most Indian guys.

Round Face shape is totally opposite of a square Face shape as it does not have any sharp structure, jawline or any angle associated to it. So, you need a hairstyle that can provide you a structure.

What you should Do?

  • You need a haircut that gives you more structure.
  • Try to keep your side short.
  • Have a bit of volume on top.
  • A well-groomed, shaped & proper trimmed bread is your best friend.

What you should Avoid?

  • Never-Ever keep side volume( it will only enhance your roundness).
  • Curly-Hair will be your enemy. Don’t Have it.
  • Don’t have fringes on forehead

Best 3 Hairstyle for Round Shape:

  1. Fade Cut Pomp Style
  2. Fade Cut Style Up
  3. Flat Top

{ Mostly High Top | Side Short }

5. Triangular Face Shape:

Triangular Face Shape is when you have narrow Forehead with the wide jawline.

It is one of the rare face shapes to be found but on the other hand, gives a masculine look.

What you should Do?

  • Volume in your hairstyle will be an X-Factor for you.
  • Go for a longer hairstyle.
  • The nose-length hairstyle will suit you.
  • Light stubble beard or Clean shaven will be a final flourish.
  • Curly hair will be your friend.

What you should Avoid?

  • Avoid cutting side part (Never Do that)
  • Never have a pointed beard it will make you’re more of Egyptian guys.

Best 3 Hairstyle for Triangular Shape:

  1. Swept Across
  2. Mid Fade with Fringes
  3. Textured Quiff

{ Volume is your BF }

6. Diamond Face Shape:

The rarest & most sexy face shape out of all, according to women.

Yes, you heard it right according to statics this face shape is found to be very alluring among women’s, hey others face shape’s people don’t be jealous, it is only if they manage & carry there face shape properly.

It requires special attention in order to bring out its dazzling look.

Lets check it out its do’s & don’t.

What you should Do?

  • The hairstyle that adds width at the forehead is best.
  • Longer style tucked at the back of ear can be your call.
  • Fringes can become your partner here(will be an add-on).
  • Always maintain a well-trimmed beard throughout.
  • Have some volume on the side

What you should Avoid?

  • Don’t make your side short( it will only make your ear look bigger).
  • Never make your hair too short( like army/crew cut)

Best 3 Hairstyle for Diamond Shape:

  1. Faux Hawk
  2. High fade Sweeping Fringes
  3. Textured crop

{ Sweeping look is your key }

So, this was all about our brief review for which style will suit on which face shape & what are the do’s & don’t you have to take care according to them.

Wait wait.. special tip’s for you-

🔰Tips from The Elegant Style

  • Remember every face shape has it’s own flicker, just figure out what suits you. It will bring more confidence in you.
  • Try to search for Film Actor that matches your face shape & you can copy them as they tend to change their hairstyle often.
  • The experiment is a key to extracting new style, try it.
  • If you fail, don’t worry it’s your own plantation, it will grow back soon to try another.

If you have any queries regarding:

  • What is my face shape?
  • How should I measure my face shape?
  • Is there any technique to do that?

Check Do You Know Your Face Shape

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