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same weight and same height still one person can look different
{Same Person}

Are those new branded clothes getting small?

Seeing those old pics having a slim body making you feel demoralized and you want to attain your dream body shape?

So you have hit the right place.

Do you want to lose weight? Well, I guess you want to lose fat not weight. Right?

Now you must be thinking that both are the same thing but Hey, it’s not true. So, without wasting time lets diffuse the dilemma you are into.

Key points to discuss:

  • What is weight loss?
  • What is fat loss?
  • Weight loss vs Fat loss
  • Is it a big deal?
  • Thinking about Dieting
  • What to avoid?
  • How to measure body fat?
  • How to lose fat?

1. What is Weight Loss?

Weight loss is the sum of the loss of your overall weight. In other words

Weight loss = Fat loss + Muscle Loss + Water loss + Bone Density

{Weight Loss is your Call}

2. What is Fat Loss?

As the name suggests fat loss: it is the reduction of fat from the body.

Fat Loss = Fat Loss only

{Do the Fat Loss|Now}

3. Weight Loss vs Fat Loss

Well, the difference is very huge, whenever you talk about weight loss it is actually the extra chunk of unwanted fat that is stored in your body that you want it to be removed.

You have to understand it is not a figure on the scale(weighing machine), it is body fat percentage that is making you weight up.

Weight loss can make you weak
Weight loss can make you weak

And in the process of weight loss, we not only lose fat but a vital thing i.e Muscle.

Muscle plays a very important role in fat loss, as in muscles, Mitochondria is present which is responsible for generating power in the body and burning of fat. Therefore, more muscle loss will trigger more mitochondria loss and more energy loss.

Think about Fat Loss Not Weight Loss
Your Answer is here

Let’s understand with an example:

Lean body mass(LBM) = amount of weight you carry on your body that isn’t fat

Suppose you are 100 kg and have 30% body fat i.e (100–30= 70kg LBM). Now lets say you lose 30 kg of weight, and your new weight is 70kg (consisting of LBM & Fat) but if your body fat percentage is still 30% it means your lean body mass(LBM) is now 41 kg and you lose 21 kg of lean body mass out of a total of 30kg weight loss; which in return only damaging your health and fitness. So try to reduce body fat percentage always.

4. Thinking about Dieting

So you want to lose weight by doing dieting? Anyone can do it. Just don’t eat and you will start to lose weight in a couple of days.

  • Is this a correct way?
  • Is Dieting alone can make the difference?
  • Should we even do this?
Dieting can never help in fat loss alone
{Realy dieting for fat loss}

A strong NO, one should never opt for dieting to lose their weight to make them healthy or fit.

Let’s say: There has been a patient who has been I’ll for the past few days and is on a light medicinal diet. His weight will decrease but is this going to make him healthy or a fit human being. You are smart enough to conclude that.

5. Is it a big deal?

Yes, indeed it is a big deal and a problem that is faced by tons of people every day due to lack of knowledge or proper guidance. Whenever we hit the gym & start exercising for weight loss, we tend to forget that it is the fat that has to be cut down not weight. Eventually repeating too much cardio(running, cycling etc.)  and improper diet(less diet) in the dream of achieving their required digit on weighing machine make their body and muscle weak, lead to degradation of bone density & water loss.

Remember this RULE –

Gym = 30% exercise + 70% Proper diet

Your body needs that extra nutrition to full fill your desired activity.

You won’t give it, you won’t get it.

6. What to avoid?

  • Never go on dieting (unnecessarily)
  • Say no to, too much cardio
  • Say no to junk food as much as you can.
  • Avoid too much calorie intake
Fitness not only help you beat these extra fat but make you shine in your career and refresh yr old age, where you will see your age group people are not able to walk properly & you can run
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You are the coach of your own body. The way you care the way it will respond.

Which comes to my next point.

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7. How to measure body fat?

Well, you will find tons of method to measure body fat percentage.

I would likely to tell you two best and affordable method & 3rd method will shock you:

  • Skinfold caliper:

Skinfold measurements have been used to estimate body fat for over 50+ year. Very quick in result and easy to use.

Method to apply (stepwise): Here is a stepwise instruction (video)

  • Body Circumference Measurements

We know body shape varies from person to person & this shape will provide information about your body fat percentage.

Method to apply (stepwise): Here is a stepwise Instruction (video)

  • Get Naked

This method is foremost the cheapest and do-able method we come up with.

Method to apply(stepwise):

  1. Go into your room
  2. Close the door
  3. Go in front of your mirror
  4. Strip of your clothes
  5. Start jumping
  6. Then stop

And see carefully when you stop, which part is still moving. Hey, congrats you just found the fat. As muscle will not bounce and bone is thick concrete material, fat is only a fluffy part that bounces.

Note: Well this may not a very effective method for a low body fat percentage.

Last but not least.

8. How to lose fat?

Well, our main goal is to lose fat preserving maximum muscle as much as possible.

  • By performing high-intensity interval exercise(HIIT Training)
  • Weight training 
  • Have protein-rich food
  • Make sure your daily calorie requirements are met
  • Add more fibers in your daily diet
  • Adding probiotics in your daily routine
  • Add more water

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Wait wait.. the last thing

🔰Tips by The Elegant style

  • Remember every shape is good the only thing matter is how much healthy and fit you are.
  • Try to increase your metabolic rate
  • Add fruits in your daily diet
  • Do more strength training
  • Always be specific with your diet.

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