Do You Know Your Face Shape? (Men)

{ In Just 5 Minutes }

Hellooooo guys,

Do you know your blood group, your weight, your height?

I am sure you do.

But, do you know your face shape? So, knowing your face shape will not make you a genius, I know, but surely will help you in many aspects of your fashion sense. i.e

  • Which Hairstyle will suit me?
  • How to shape my beard?
  • Sunglasses to wear?

Our face shape is of much importance, not only for us but also with whom we meet.

It’s a saying “You can judge a man by his shoes

But nobody will be checking your laces at the time of handshaking. Will they?

Those were the days we all must have encountered, i.e, going to a barber’s shop and saying bhaiya apne hisab se chote kr do(check yourself whatever suit’s me, cut it). All because we don’t know the power of our face shape, which can be used as a tool to sharpen our looks.

Ever thought why these actors look so dashing? All because their stylist knows what hairstyle, beard, glasses will suit them. Why not you can determine that?

  • Money is an issue? No
  • Not good styler nearby? No

Then what? It’s you, you never invested time on yourself that even after cutting your hairs from a costly salon you end up regretting on your investment made.

But hey don’t be regretful, grab the seat because You, yes You are going to reveal your face shape in less than 5 min.

It has always been a question that remained in our mind. Hey, What’s is my face shape? Round! Square! no maybe Oval Ohh..gosh so confusing right.

So, let’s clear your doubt with these quick steps.

💠 What do you need?

  • Measuring tape/Cotton Rope/ Thick Thread (anyone)
  • Big scale( 30cm)
  • Notebook & pen (to write down measurement)

💠 How You have to measure? {Quick 4 steps)

1. Measure Face length:

  • Take the measuring equipment, run through your midpoint of the hairline to the center of the chin. That will be your face length. For men having shaved or bald head try to estimate where your hairline would be.
Face Length

Write it down.✍️

2. Measure your Forehead:

  • Seeing in the mirror you just have to take an approximate idea at which place your forehead is the widest. Usually, it is between the eyebrow and your hairline.
Forehead Length

Write it down.✍️

3. Measure your Cheekbone:

  • Cheekbone is a very important part while choosing a hairstyle as getting it wrong may land you off proportion.
  • Measure your cheekbone by placing tape at the pointest part just below the outer corner of eyes.
Cheekbone Length

Write it down.✍️

4. Measure Your jawline:

  • This can be a little tricky, but important on the same hand.
  • Measure from tip of the chin to the just below the ear where it angle’s just upward.
  • The important thing to note you have jaw on both sides so multiply the jawline measure by 2.

i.e: if your one side jawline measurement comes out to be 10 cm then 10 x 2 = 20 cm will be your jawline length.

Jawline Length

Write it down.✍️

💠 Choose your Face Type here?

Time to do some mathematic’s here.

Now you must be having all the measurement written down. Compare your stats with the below result that describe your best shape.

👨‍🦱Oval Face Shape:

If you having Face Length greater then Cheek Bone, Length & Forehead is greater than Jawline Length. Congo, Mr. experimental you have Oval Face shape.

Brief :

  • Face Length > Cheek Bone length
  • Forehead > Jawline Length

👨‍🦱Square Face Shape:

Mr. Masculine, If your measurement comes out to be almost equal with each other you are blessed with a macho shape.


Almost equal –> ≈

  • Face Length ≈ Cheek Bone Length ≈ Jawline Lenght ≈ Forehead Length

👨‍🦱Round Face Shape:

Hello Mr. Round. If your Forehead and Jawline Length are fairly equal and are smaller than Face & Cheekbone, Length having less define the sharp edge, then you are Round shape.


  • Face Length ≈ Cheekbone Length –> 1
  • Forehead ≈ Jawline Length –> 2
  • And, 1 > 2

👨‍🦱Rectangle Face Shape:

In your stats, if you get your Face Length as the greatest among all measurements and your Forehead, cheekbone & Jawline Length is an almost equal buddy, then you have a rectangle shape.


  • Face Length > Forehead ≈ Cheekbone ≈ Jawline length

👨‍🦱Triangular Face Shape:

A rare one, if your Jawline is greater than cheekbone which is greater than your Forehead. Hey! Mr. Rare + unique, you got a Triangular Face shape.


  • Jawline > Cheekbone > Forehead Length.

👨‍🦱Diamond Face Shape:

Mr. Sexy among girl’s aah & why not this shape is considered as the rare and Charming one. Here, your Face length is considered having largest value followed up by Cheekbone, then Forehead down to list Jawline. With a pointed chin at the bottom.


  • Face Length > Cheekbone > Forehead > Jawline

Now, You must have found what shape you belong to, right.

So, it will help you out in your fashion guide as the days are gone regretting what will suit me and whatnot.

To Find a Perfect hairstyle for your Face shape Visit here.

🔰Tips From The Elegant Style

  • Remember every shape is manly and have pros & cons, you just have to carry accordingly.
  • Clean Hairline is very important in every shape.
  • Well structure bearded is a sign of a Gentlemen.
  • Always remember caring yourself will be a future investment.

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