12 Accessories Every Man Should Have

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Hello Gentleman-

Are you one of them who stays away from the accessories department in the mall, think wearing or carrying those accessories won’t make any difference & will only hit your pocket.

12 Accessories every men should have to make their life more fashionable & decrease last-minute rush

But the fact is it will make you look smart, well dressed, fashionable & kicky.

These accessories will add extra value to your fashion sense.

Not a bad deal I guess.

Everyone wants to look stylish, handsome hunk, an alpha man in front of ladies. But somewhere not confident with their overall look. What might be the reason? NO idea right. Well, it’s not a reason, it’s your look that is not giving you boost to present yourself in front of others.

Accessories: They are like a choco-chip on the ice-cream. They will complete your outfit giving you a furnished look.

Here are our Top 12 Accessories That Every Man Should have to make sure he never goes out of fashion.

Point 9 will surprise you

1. A cool pair of White Sneaker:

Whenever we talk about casual shoes, white sneaker is a king & will remain a king. As white sneaker has a double advantage, on one side it works amazingly with casual outfits(jeans/shirt + Jeans) and on the other give an elegant look with formals(suit or Shirt+Trouser) outfit too.

Note: Keep it clean whenever you are going to wear it.

2. Boxer Briefs:

Boxer briefs is a hybrid type of undergarments like a boxer short but tighter fitting like briefs. It gives you more manly & sharp look when you wear it. So put on some new garments.

Note: Go for dark color Navy blue or Black.

3. Watches or Bracelet:

Watches: Wristwatches can never go out of style & defines a lot about your lifestyle. So, be careful while choosing it.

Grab your watches if you are going on some business meeting or wearing any formal outfit. Go with a leather strap or chain watches, it will provide the keen-edge look. On the other hand, if its a regular casual outfit day go with sports or leather strap watches.

Note: If you have a thin wrist avoid chain watches.

Bracelets: If you are not a watches kind of person & is searching for other alternative, bracelets are your bosom friend. A good leather bracelet on your wrist will surely flaunt your look. You can wear leather or metallic bracelet or a hybrid of both for both looks-formals & Casual.

Or even you can go for both:

A simple leather or cotton strap can be good option for your hand

4. Belts:

We often ignore the waist accessories i.e belt that are actually 40% of the outfit. Picture it – Walkin on the street wearing light-colored pants paired with contrast shirt having brown belt will definitely look simple yet classic.

Have Pair of Brown & Black belt with you.

5. Cardholder:

Cardholder has been a good alternative of wallet as virtual payment and card payment has hit hard in the market.

The wallet will never go out of fashion and it also serves its purpose well of having cards, cash & coin. But nowadays it’s more of a card and virtual payment coming into grid & carrying multiple cards can be a cumbersome task on the same page. Where cardholder gives a decent look having a sleek design to make it more fashionable to carry.

6. Dry Fit T-shirt:

We all play sports one or the other day. We can wear anything for that but what if I say specific Sports T-shirt comes in the market almost at the same branded price like any other t-shirt. So, what’s the catch right? Well, Dry Fit t-shirt is the t-shirt that is made with a special fiber that regulates the sweat & kicks it away from you and makes you feel fresh with no sweaty smell.

At Least one Dry fit T-shirt is a must for you.

7. Side Satchel(Sling Bag):

Tired with your old-style backpack? Good brown or black Leather Sling Bag is your call when it comes to traveling to your workplace or any meeting. It doesn’t only look very decent but provide an elegant frame when paired with formals.

8. Aromatic Deodorant/Perfume:

You don’t want to smell bad right. Body Fragrance plays a very vital role whenever you meet with someone. As nobody wants to hang around with swampy pit. Therefore your body odor needs to be in control. You need a good deodorant or if you can invest, then perfume will be the best choice for you.

For Deodorant, you can go with Nivea Deodorizer, Park Avenue Voyage, Old spice, Davidoff Cool Water Deo or Nike fission

Deodrant is a most vital accessories for men's as your body odor is very essentials.

In Perfume go with some lighter smell Royal Mirage, Wild Stone Forest Spice or United Colors Of Benetton Aim High, all these are budget perfume.

It is alwasy said perfume is for gentlemen's choice & at the same time bit costly

9. Oxford or Derby Shoe:

These pairs of shoes define a class when you put it on, it will magnify your personality even more. Black or Brown Oxford or derby shoes at least one of them you should have.

It not only goes with gentlemen’s suit but also works incredibly well with casual look when coupled with chinos, jeans or trousers.

Formals shoes accessories is must for evey men's.

10. Sunglasses for your Face Shape:

UV(Ultraviolet Rays) not only harm your skin but eyes as well. If you buy sunscreen to protect your skin then why are you neglecting your most sensitive part? A nice pair of sunglasses is the most essential part of the body, especially if you are in hot terrain such as India.

11. Organized Dopp Kit:

Facewash, shampoo, brush, face cream, shaving kit, body lotion oooh gosh how to arrange it? Here, the Dopp kit comes into light that will arrange all your grooming kit in an organized manner while traveling.

Organized material is easy to find. Have Dopp kit with you to mak your life simple.

This is a must-have essential to carry that will avoid the last-minute rush of searching.

12. Baseball Hat:

Most of us don’t actually give preference to wearing a hat but the fact is for a casual look paired with sneakers, headgear is one of the essential stuff that will make your overall look more swaggy. Don’t believe me? Give a try.

So, this was our honest view on 12 Accessories Every Man Should Have that will never go out of fashion if you can invest on it believe me you won’t regret it.

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